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Get Rid of Fat and Inches - Lipo Light Therapy


Get Rid of Fat and Inches FAST with Lipo-Light Therapy

If you want to slim, shape and tone your body permanently, there’s no easier way than our brand new Lipo-Light therapy program. It’s the latest body sculpting treatment available. Using the power of Light Therapy, Lipo-Light is the natural and healthy way to lose inches. The 20-minute treatment is non-invasive, relaxing and totally pain free. With regular use, you can expect to lose in the region of 3 to 7 inches. Lipo-Light triggers lipolysis in fat cells (adipocytes). This causes fatty acids to be broken down and released. It stimulates fibroblasts, strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers to tone and tighten your skin.


At Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center, you get both the treatment and the education to lose the fat and keep it off, permanently. Plus, you get a doctor-supervised program AND the knowledge for a life-time of success. We want you to be successful in eliminating fat and unsightly inches.

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