I have been going to Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center for almost a year, 1-2 times per week. Due to ongoing medical issues, I suffer from a lot of pain and both Dr. Mira and Stephanie, my massage therapist, have been been invaluable in making me feel better.

I spend at least an hour a week with Stephanie and I am amazed how she always knows exactly where my trigger points are and where my pain is at its worst – and then she proceeds to fix it! She is thorough, efficient, professional, and throughout an entire hour or even 1.5 hour massage, her perfect pressure level never drops!! The beginning of your massage is as good as the end of it, consistently wonderful throughout! I always tell her she has “healing hands” because she has consistently made me feel better, every single time i have seen her!! (If you have ever been in chronic pain, you know what this means.) I would not go anywhere else!