Normal again …

Due to being in a car accident recently I suffered a lot of pain in my neck, arms and back. The pain in my back started travelling down into one of my legs. I turned to Dr. Dhutia for help in relieving my pain. Under her care my pain was finally getting less severe within days of treatment. I would like to thank Dr. Dhutia for relieving me of my severe back pain and getting me back to walking and living normal again


Golfing again …

I am so happy to have found Dr. Mira for my chiropractic needs! I have been seeing her for the past 10 months and have experienced serious improvements for all my issues. Being a retired construction person, I have many issues. Between the Doctor and my massage therapist Robin, I am back on the golf course pain free. Keep it in the short grass!!


Looking great !!!

I have used Lipolight for about 4 months. I have lost 21 pounds so far. Being overweight, it is amazing seeing the inches just fall off my waist, bust, back fat and buttocks. My clothes fit better on me now and I’m looking forward to buying a new wardrobe. My aim is to lose 20 more pounds and I will keep coming until I reach my goal, because I have so much confidence in the program and have seen great results thus far. Dr. Mira Dhutia initial consultation is very informative and she is knowledgeable in the dietary recommendations for Lipolight. I have followed her advice, regarding diet and exercise during my Lipolight sessions and have seen great results with it. I highly recommend the Lipolight sessions at Spinal Rehab.


Back to active …

I am writing to thank you for giving me back my very active life. When I first came to your office, I was hopeful that you could help reduce the terrible stabbing pain I was experiencing. At first, the pain was occasional and bearable, but by the time of my first appointment 6 months later, it was constant and inferring with my daily activities.

I was immediately impressed by your questions and ability to listen to my concerns and to really understand what I was telling you. You confirmed my suspicions as to the cause of my pain and sent me to get an MRI to confirm your diagnosis. The results of the MRI showed a slipped disc in my lower back. Fortunately, you did not wait for the results of the MRI tests to give me some relief. You began therapy immediately which I very much appreciated. In follow-up visits, you clearly explained the problem I was experiencing using physical models and pictures to help me understand the problem I was facing. You also gave me choices as far as solving my back problems. In addition, you instructed me to be able to physical therapy exercises at home by myself, to strengthen my back muscles.

Your therapeutic treatment and exercises have not only given me some relief from my back pain, but also, an opportunity to return to a life of normal activity. I couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative of your help. I would enthusiastically recommend that other persons with similar back pain seek your professional assistance. I would also suggest that people seek help before it becomes a problem that negatively controls their life as I did.


Best Ever …

I have visited four different Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Dhutia is without a doubt the best. Beyond getting great results, she is up to date on all the latest techniques, sensitive to her patient needs, and unique in her desire and ability to teach preventative maintenance exercises. I highly recommend her.


Thank you …

I came to Dr. Dhutia hoping that she would be able to help me with severe migraines and back pain made worse by another Doctor. I was very skeptical about Chiropractors at this point because of my prior experience, but after my first visit her professional and friendly manner put me at ease. She listened to my needs, assessed my condition on an ongoing basis and adjusted the type of treatment as needed. She relieved the symptoms of several conditions within a week and has since reduced my migraines significantly. I would say because of her treatments my quality of life has improved dramatically.