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Lipo Light Treatment

Lipo Light Treatment

Lipo Light is the next evolution of standard liposuction. It is Advanced Slimming Technology for Non-invasive body contouring treatment and Delivering Immediate Results!

Using the power of the latest LED Light Therapy, Lipo-Light is the natural and healthy way to inch loss on the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and even the arms. Lipo-Light is a method of body contour improvement without any scarring. The whole treatment is non-invasive, relaxing, pain free and soothing.

If you've ever considered liposuction, a tummy tuck, or other forms of cosmetic surgery to eliminate your trouble spots, then you owe it to yourself to learn how we can help you achieve the same results without surgery! We now feature the Lipo laser-like Light body contouring system. We offer a 100% non-surgical, non-invasive, safe, pain-free, spot fat reduction and body contouring system.

The Lipo Light Advanced Body Contouring system is the latest treatment in the non-invasive body contouring market. The use of heat and light from Lipo-Light combined with exercise and a healthy diet will naturally slim and tone your problem areas without painful surgery. We believe in conservative, scientifically proven, safe, non-painful methods to improve your health and well-being.

Lipo Light Treatment

The paddles are held in place against the area to be treated by an adjustable elastic strap. During the treatment, the paddles are held directly against the skin for maximum effect. Treatments last for a period of 10 minutes during which you will experience the warmth from the LED diodes in the paddles. It is recommended that treatments are spaced evenly, on average 2 treatments per week, for 4 weeks.

We use a high quality LED RED LIGHT, which has been proven to increase collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. It has also been proven that certain wavelengths, such as 635 nanometers, can trigger the body's own natural ability to breakdown fat; a process called lipolysis. During this process the body can release fatty acids which are then used by the body during exercise.

After each session, it is imperative that you exercise. We place patients on a Whole Body Vibration machine for 10 minutes immediately following each session. This ensures the lymphatic system is stimulated and that the waste contents are not reabsorbed by the fat cells.

The best part about the Lipo-Light is there is no bruising, swelling, burning, pain or anesthesia required; essentially NO SIDE EFFECTS!

So what happens to the fat? Once the fat leaves the fat cells, it is transported as free fatty acids to the lymphatic system to be used as energy. Visible results appear immediately and will improve over time. The best part is there is NO PAIN and NO DOWNTIME. In fact lots of patients describe it as "pleasurable as a hot stone massage."

Another benefit of Lipo-Light is that it can boost collagen due to heat. Lipo-Light in point of fact assists in sculpting the body in making the skin firm the process aids in renewed collagen to the treated area.

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