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Back to active...

I am writing to thank you for giving me back my very active life. When I first came to your office, I was hopeful that you could help reduce the terrible stabbing pain I was experiencing. At first, the pain was occasional and bearable, but by the time of my first appointment 6 months later, it was constant and inferring with my daily activities.

I was immediately impressed by your questions and ability to listen to my concerns and to really understand what I was telling you. You confirmed my suspicions as to the cause of my pain and sent me to get an MRI to confirm your diagnosis. The results of the MRI showed a slipped disc in my lower back. Fortunately, you did not wait for the results of the MRI tests to give me some relief. You began therapy immediately which I very much appreciated. In follow-up visits, you clearly explained the problem I was experiencing using physical models and pictures to help me understand the problem I was facing. You also gave me choices as far as solving my back problems. In addition, you instructed me to be able to physical therapy exercises at home by myself, to strengthen my back muscles.

Your therapeutic treatment and exercises have not only given me some relief from my back pain, but also, an opportunity to return to a life of normal activity. I couldn't be more pleased and appreciative of your help. I would enthusiastically recommend that other persons with similar back pain seek your professional assistance. I would also suggest that people seek help before it becomes a problem that negatively controls their life as I did.


Best Ever...

I have visited four different Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Dhutia is without a doubt the best. Beyond getting great results, she is up to date on all the latest techniques, sensitive to her patient needs, and unique in her desire and ability to teach preventative maintenance exercises. I highly recommend her..


Thank you!...

I came to Dr. Dhutia hoping that she would be able to help me with severe migraines and back pain made worse by another Doctor. I was very skeptical about Chiropractors at this point because of my prior experience, but after my first visit her professional and friendly manner put me at ease. She listened to my needs, assessed my condition on an ongoing basis and adjusted the type of treatment as needed. She relieved the symptoms of several conditions within a week and has since reduced my migraines significantly. I would say because of her treatments my quality of life has improved dramatically.


Normal again...

Due to being in a car accident recently I suffered a lot of pain in my neck, arms and back. The pain in my back started travelling down into one of my legs. I turned to Dr. Dhutia for help in relieving my pain. Under her care my pain was finally getting less severe within days of treatment. I would like to thank Dr. Dhutia for relieving me of my severe back pain and getting me back to walking and living normal again


Golfing again...

I am so happy to have found Dr. Mira for my chiropractic needs! I have been seeing her for the past 10 months and have experienced serious improvements for all my issues. Being a retired construction person, I have many issues. Between the Doctor and my massage therapist Robin, I am back on the golf course pain free. Keep it in the short grass!!


Looking great !!!

I have used Lipolight for about 4 months. I have lost 21 pounds so far. Being overweight, it is amazing seeing the inches just fall off my waist, bust, back fat and buttocks. My clothes fit better on me now and I'm looking forward to buying a new wardrobe. My aim is to lose 20 more pounds and I will keep coming until I reach my goal, because I have so much confidence in the program and have seen great results thus far. Dr. Mira Dhutia initial consultation is very informative and she is knowledgeable in the dietary recommendations for Lipolight. I have followed her advice, regarding diet and exercise during my Lipolight sessions and have seen great results with it. I highly recommend the Lipolight sessions at Spinal Rehab.


My first chiropractic experience...

Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center is no pop-in/pop-out place. Dr. Mira and her entire staff take a holistic, long-term approach to your aches and pains that is still scientific. This part was important to me because I'd never been to a chiropractor before and didn't know what to expect. I've learned more here about my body and how the various muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and the circulation system work together than at any other doctor I've been to. Great explanations for how every therapy works and what it is designed to do, and scheduling appointments is very easy.

If you're going for a massage, be aware you won't get a spa treatment with incense and Enya: You'll be getting deep therapy by people who know what they're doing and how every muscle interacts with the rest of your body. You'll also get a homework list of stretches and exercises you can do to keep the pain away. Everything is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

No matter what causes your pain, Dr. Mira and her team know how to fix it!


Helping my family for years...

My wife and I have been coming to Mira for many years – practically since she opened her offices. We'd come in, she'd get us back on track with an adjustment here and massages there and we'd be good until the next time one of us would need to come in for another situation. She's helpful, patient, listens, and works closely with us to find the best solution to fit our needs. Can't recommended her strongly enough.


Faster Collision Recovery...

I came to Dr. Mira Dhutia after having lower back problems following a rear impact collision. Not liking doctors much, I was apprehensive at my initial visit. Dr. Mira made me feel comfortable and explained the treatment method and procedures as she went along, stopping to expound on anything I dad not fully understand. Her warn and friendly manner coupled with professional practice helped me to relax, focus on my problem, and in my opinion, heal much faster than I would have in a cold and clinical setting.

Thank you Dr Mira !!!


Immediate relief from tennis elbow...

Dr. Mira is a "Mira"cle worker. She provides individualized care at every appointment. The treatment for a herniated disc included adjustments, traction, ultrasound, clinical massage and electric stimulation. Within a couple weeks, I was back to my regular routine and pain free. She provided almost immediate relief from tennis elbow- which lasted for 6 months prior- within a few treatments of stim, ultrasound, massage and adjustments my elbow was pain free and fully functioning. I'm so happy with the care she has provided me and my family. Dr. Mira is amazing.

Rejuvenating massage...

I think my therapeutic spinal massage added years to my life. I need this in my life once a month! This place does chiropractic work, but I received the gift of a massage! The business is in a strip mall, unassuming and doesn't pander to luxury. But my massage was in a quiet, well equipped room, dimly lit, and exceedingly comfortable. Therapeutic massage can touch deep along the spine and wake up nerves and muscles that don't want to unkink! It can hurt but in a masochistic, it'll make you better kind of way. My masseuse gradually worked the kinks out and repeatedly communicated about my comfort level. This is rejuvenating! Try it!

Massage healed my chronic pain...

I have been going to Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center for almost a year, 1-2 times per week. Due to ongoing medical issues, I suffer from a lot of pain and both Dr. Mira and Stephanie, my massage therapist, have been been invaluable in making me feel better.

I spend at least an hour a week with Stephanie and I am amazed how she always knows exactly where my trigger points are and where my pain is at its worst – and then she proceeds to fix it! She is thorough, efficient, professional, and throughout an entire hour or even 1.5 hour massage, her perfect pressure level never drops!! The beginning of your massage is as good as the end of it, consistently wonderful throughout! I always tell her she has "healing hands" because she has consistently made me feel better, every single time i have seen her!! (If you have ever been in chronic pain, you know what this means.) I would not go anywhere else!

Migrane Free..

Dr Mira and her team are amazing! I have been going to her office for over 10 years. I live an hour away from the office, there are many chiropractic offices closer to me but I would never consider anyone else. Dr Mira has treated me for many issues from migraines to neck and lower back issues. I am almost migraine free and with the stretches and exercises doctor has suggested I do has made a tremendous improvement in my life. I can't say enough about this practice. Come see for yourself!

Shoulder Pain Relief...

I had injured my shoulder and was under tremendous pain a couple of months. Dr Sangha along with the therapists worked on my shoulder and helped me with exercises that has relieved me from pain. I would highly recommend this place as the doctors and the therapists here work towards your well being.

Terrific Establishment...

Spinal Rehab is a terrific establishment. Everyone is very nice, and most important the treatment you receive is customized based on your needs and goals.

I have been to a number of chiropractors in my life and so have a strong basis from which to make comparisons. On one end of the spectrum you have clinics that throw a heating pad on your back, give you some adjustments and send you on your way all in less than 15 mins of treatment. Spinal Rehab is on the other end of the spectrum. My treatment has included soft tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and (critically) instruction on exercises that will help correct the problem and keep it from coming back. This place is looking to get you healthy, so you can get back to what you want to do. They are not looking to keep you coming back for treatment for week after week. To me, that is the proof that they care about my health, because I'm sure it would be more profitable to have long-term customers who continually need adjustments.

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