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Our mission at Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center is to provide the best care possible to the clientele of Naperville-Aurora and its surrounding community.

SRWC will attain this standard through patient care, patient education and patient participation in active care. Patient care provided will be of the highest standard and latest technology in the chiropractic profession. This shall be achieved with the integration of various chiropractic techniques, massage therapy, physiotherapy as well as musculoskeletal rehabilitation. This shall help patients reach optimal health at a faster rate. Patient education and providing patients on (what, how, where and when) it will take to get them to their optimal functioning level is essential for the best quality of care.

In order to acquire optimal functioning level, it is essential to educate the patient on preventative measures of care by eliminating/modifying factors that cause the body to regress. Preventing the cause of the problem from recurring shall be accomplished through active exercise, musculoskeletal rehab and ergonomic assessment of individual's daily activities.

Spinal Rehab and Wellness Centers ultimate goal is to help restore activities of daily living and allow the patient to enjoy life to their fullest.

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